About Us

Brought to Life with Integrity an Passion

I’ve spent years hoarding unsavory condiment packs from take-away and delivery meals. While unhealthy, they are incredibly useful for flavoring bland meals that spring up while managing a hectic schedule. Instead of wishing a healthier version existed, I got to work and created it myself with hard work and integrity.

Using the recipes I regularly make at home, I began testing the blends relentlessly for consistency and quality ensuring they would scale for production. My goal quickly became delivering rich and unique flavors to the masses in innovative and beautiful packaging. 

Howl at the Spoon flavors are hand-crafted in small batches with the highest quality ingredients that I can source. Whether you're hiking an alpine peak or just can't escape your desk at work, we provide restaurant-quality flavor at your fingertips. Just rip, tip and drip.


With gratitude,
Melanie Jenkinson