Wholesale Information


Welcome Wholesalers

Thank you for joining us at a recent wholesale event. We hope you enjoyed our wildly convenient artisan sauces and look forward to doing partnering with you.

Our chef-crafted, handmade single-serve sauces are a healthy alternative to bulky bottles. We proudly source the best organic produce, Fair Trade spices and high-end olive oil. We avoid the use of refined sugars and always keep our sodium levels to a minimum. We adhere to many dietary choices with our plant-based blends including keto, paleo, gluten-free and vegan.

We offer simple wholesale pricing with no-fuss shipping and delivery options. Contact us directly to discuss details of your wholesale needsmelanie@howlatthespoon.com 

Our most up-to-date wholesale information can be viewed by clicking the icon below. You'll be taken to a PDF in a separate window.


Howl at the Spoon is generally self-distributed, but is also available on Pod Foods Direct, Abound, Mable, Faire and Bubble Goods if these options are. more convenient for your needs.