Holiday Gift Wrapped Variety Pack of 8 Single-Serve Sauces

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Add a touch of modern elegance to your gift-giving this Holiday Season with Howl at the Spoon's exclusive bespoke hand-painted gift wrapping option! For a nominal $5 up-charge, our Variety Pack arrives beautifully adorned in textured white paper, embellished with stylish black paint splatter. It's lovingly wrapped in two-tone twine, accented with a festive touch of red, and features a unique wooden hand-stamped label where you can add your names for a personal touch. No mass-produced wrapping here – you're gifting a one-of-a-kind work of art.

This beautifully designed Variety Pack is the perfect gift for family, coworkers, outdoor enthusiasts, or as a well-deserved self-care treat for yourself. Elevate your holiday gifting with a touch of sophistication and flavor!

Handmade in the PNW with organic produce and Fair Trade spices and olive oil, non-GMO, plant based, vegan and all natural. Chef crafted flavors thoughtfully made in small batches by hand in the traditional style of sauce making. Our wildly convenient flavors create restaurant-quality flavor in an instant with just a Rip. Tip. Drip.™. 

VARIETY PACK: Our modern eye-catching gift set contains eight 1.25oz perfectly portioned packs; (2) Al Pastor, (2) Chimichurri, (2) Lemon Dill, (2) Marionberry

AL PASTOR: Not a hot spice but spice rich. Our savory recipe includes organic pineapple juice, rehydrated guajillo, an organic white onion base along with traditional annatto seed and a proprietary spice blend. We suggest using it to top tacos (shredded pork, chicken, or tofu), wings, or on shrimp.

CHIMICHURRI: Our punchy blend contains a 2:1 ration of parsley to cilantro that's hand chopped and blended with organic red wine vinegar, organic shallots, organic garlic and seasoned perfectly with smoked paprika and kicked up with roasted jalapeno powder to finish. We suggest using it as a steak sauce, flank steak marinade for fast grilling, black bean and rice bowl topper, chicken enhancer or even as a pizza sauce replacement.

LEMON DILL: Our signature sauce that started it all contains organic lemon juice, hand chopped fresh organic dill, capers, organic shallots & garlic, organic white wine vinegar and a proprietary blend of Fair Trade spices. We can't get enough of this sauce on Greek salads, with tuna, on steamed vegetables. with orzo or other pastas, on chicken bowls or with salmon.

MARIONBERRY: Our newest addition to our flavor collection includes a mix of Oregon marionberries, pure pomegranate juice, savory herbs; rosemary, sage, oregano, marjoram, along with organic red onions and balsamic vinegar. It’s perfect as a finishing sauce for pork, salmon and charcuterie or brie.

SHELF LIFE: Six months